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Saturn October 12, 2006 23:15

Difficult to Converge in Natural Convection

I simulated a hot solid object in complex inclosure tank .The object generated the heat and heat transfer through convection to the gas and conduction in bounded tank shell.

I used large solid time scale and monitored imbalance in the gas H-energy and solid T-energy. The imbalance approached to 0, but the RMS residual could not be converged.

I changed the simulate type from steady state to transient, but it will take a long time to approach steady state temperature.

Could you give me a tip or some advice about this problem?

Thank you very much.

Glenn Horrocks October 15, 2006 18:01

Re: Difficult to Converge in Natural Convection

What Rayliegh number is the device operating at? If the Rayliegh number is high it is possible that no steady state solution exists and the only accurate way to go is transient.

Glenn Horrocks

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