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nianqi October 16, 2006 06:53

wall temperature setting
Dear all, I have a problem of wall temperature setting.

As we know, one can choose the wall heat transfer model as "heat transfer coefficient", then one can input a proper heat transfer coefficient and an outside temperature. CFX will caculate the wall temperature by the wall heat flux and the coefficients.

Details are:

Twall = Qwall /(heat transfer coefficient) + Toutside

Now the question comes.

1) I choosed the option "Temperature" as the wall heat transfer model 2) I tried to calculate the total heat flux throught the wall boundary with User Fortran (Qwall = - grad(T) * lamda) 3) I wanted to set the wall temperature with the User Fortran returned quantity, which is calculated using the above stated equation.

CFX computation can't get convergence.

Can anybody give me some hints?

Thanks a lot!

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