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Nepal October 28, 2006 06:15

How to setup a moving "source point "
Hello, I'm doing a welding simulation, and I cannot find the way to setup a moving source point, thanks in advances.

Mike October 30, 2006 13:05

Re: How to setup a moving "source point "
Hmm, not easily done. The approach you'll need to take is to create a subdomain that includes your entire domain, then apply the source term do this subdomain. You'll have to define the source term such that it has a value of zero everwhere in the domain, except at one small region where you want to apply your source term. So you'll need to create an expression that depends on x, y, z and t, and use the step() function to limit the range over which the source term is applied. Since this is a volumetric source, don't try to apply it to a point, but rather to a small volume. For example, in 1D to apply a source between x=5 and x=5.1 use: step(x-5[m]/1[m]) * step(5.1[m]-x/1[m]) * HeatSource If things get too complex you can go to User Fortran. There's an example in the doc of applying a momentum source to a region defined by x,y,z max and mins. Hope this helps, Mike

Nepal October 30, 2006 20:31

Re: How to setup a moving "source point "
Thanks, You are so powerful! I have some experience with UserFortran(CEL function and JBR), so I will try to use UserFortran to cover it. Thanks again!!!

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