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Andy October 30, 2006 05:03

ICEMCFD: subset "smooth_show_map"
Hello, I am using ICEM CFD in order to generate a tetra mesh. When checking the mesh quality icemcfd will generate subsets of bad/problematic elements (if I want to). Recently I got a subset called "smooth_show_map" however not during the "Check"-process but after having reloaded the Project/Mesh. I cannot find anything about the meaning of this subset - not with Google and there is nothing written in the manual about it, either (a fact that is really, really poor, by the way).

Did anyone already have this subset, too and knows its meaning?

Regards Andy

myron October 30, 2006 14:34

Re: ICEMCFD: subset "smooth_show_map"
Subsets are saved by default when a mesh is saved. If you were doing smoothing at some point and displayed elements by selecting a histogram bar - I think that subset was created. (And saved when the mesh was saved.) Not anything to worry about.

Andy October 31, 2006 08:57

Re: ICEMCFD: subset "smooth_show_map"
That sounds reasonable. Indeed I have checked the worst elements with selecting a bar in the histogram. It's possible that I have saved while the histogram or the elements, respectively were still selected. Makes sense, i guess. Thanks.

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