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Se-Hee November 4, 2006 03:12

Is it multiphase problem?
I'm trying to solve a conjugate heat transfer (CHT) problem in CFX-10. The geometric setup is as follows:

There is a hollow iron sphere in the air. The temperature of iron sphere is 100 Celsius and the sphere is filled with an insulating gas, SF6. Here, I'd like to simulate the heat transfer flow characteristics in all three parts: air, iron, and SF6.

In CFX, I cannot setup two different gas domains: air and SF6. Is it multiphase problem? I highly appreciate if you can provide me any hints and comments for solving this problem.

Thanks, Se-Hee

hdj November 4, 2006 05:25

Re: Is it multiphase problem?
You can setup two domain with different physics. Set variable "CFX5_NO_CONSTANT_PHYSICS" to a nonzero value. For more information please search this forum.


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