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DAK565656 November 4, 2006 06:31

ICEM 10 - Defining inlets
I have a model in ICEM 10 and I want to define plane, which will be the source for inlet in CFX 10. This plane must be inside domain. The problem is that I cannot see region with my plane after I export my model to cfx5 format and open it with CFX. I do the following to achieve this: I define plane inside the domain in ICEM, then I create part and export model. But this is not working. I also tryed following: I create model in Ansys DesignModeler (DM). I import model in IGES format and see, that DM shows me SOLID - this is whole domain and SURFACE_BODY - this is my plane. After doing some work I create advanced mesing in CFX and in PARTS node I can see SOLID and SURFACE_BODY. SURFACE_BODY is a collection of curves, which are borders of my plane. CFX still can't see plane region and I can't define inlet

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