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Rui November 6, 2006 13:09

CFX in one sentence

How would you describe the CFX solver, in one sentence?

Something like: "a control-volume based code with implicit pressure based formulation, a coupled solver and algebraic multi-grid"



Undercover November 6, 2006 14:55

Re: CFX in one sentence
How about:

"Results that both suck and blow"

(I'm terribily sorry. I couldn't resist...)

Nepal November 6, 2006 17:38

Re: CFX in one sentence
A Computer based Flow field eXtraGood solutions.

Bart Prast November 7, 2006 05:31

Re: CFX in one sentence
You're applying for a free license I presume?

Rui November 7, 2006 09:59

Re: CFX in one sentence
Thank you very much for your inspiring help.

But I'm looking for something I could use on the Introduction chapter of my MSc thesis. Something that would describe succinctly and generally what the CFX solver is/does.

Robin November 7, 2006 10:04

Re: CFX in one sentence
If this is for a paper, I would include at least a paragraph. You could say something like the following:

The ANSYS CFX flow solver is an unstructured, multiple element (hex, tet, wedge and pyramid) finite volume method. Primitive variables for velocity, pressure, enthalpy etc. are defined at nodes at the corners of each element. Conservation equations are obtained by integration over the element mesh-dual, creating arbitrary polyhedral control volumes about each node. Second order accurate integrations and flux discretizations are used and a fully implicit solution strategy is employed. Multigrid acceleration is applied to the coupled solution if the governing (see Raw, 1996, AIAA 96-0297). A domain decomposition method is employed that permits parallel processing, allowing large simulations to be obtained by combining resources of multiple computers. Scalable performance is achieved by the combination of a scalable parallel processing implementation, coupled multigrid solver, and efficient use of an interprocess communication protocol.

Rework it as you wish.

Regards, Robin

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