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ed November 8, 2006 13:23

Loss velocity type in CFX 10
When I set the loss velocity type to superficial velocity, I have the same pressure drop and velocity as Darcy's equation. However, when I switch to true velocity, the velocity remains the same but the pressure goes more than 40 times higher. Does anyone knows why? Thank you for the reply

opaque November 8, 2006 17:03

Re: Loss velocity type in CFX 10
Dear ed,

The parameter Loss Velocity is to indicate the meaning of your loss coefficient.. That is,

Loss = C * V_something

then V_something can be either superficial (Darcy velocity), or true velocity = Darcy velocity / Volume Porosity..

They will give different pressure drops scaled by the volume porosity, or the square of the volume porosity..

All depends where you got your data from, or how it was correlated/measured.


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