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naveen November 10, 2006 11:06

renolds number-flow type
hi all,

This is naveen.i am working with the cfx 10,where i am analysing air flow past a circular cylinder.and my reynolds number is 7e+4.i would like to know for such kind of reynolds number ,which fluid flow ( transition flow or turbulence flow ) will influence more on my problem and why? how can i know exact critical reynolds number(transition point) for my case.

In my case is that von karman vortex street is appear behind the cylinder.At whích reynolds number this von karman vortex street is appear when the air past a circular cylinder.

i want to hear from you,

thanks all



Glenn Horrocks November 12, 2006 16:52

Re: renolds number-flow type

A literature search should be able to find this information. Sounds like a trip to the library is called for.

Glenn Horrocks

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