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ben akih November 10, 2006 20:40

Help, can't stop solver run...Windows OS
Hi folks, I have a problem stopping some simulations on my computer. The first crash after convergence and could not write the result file because of memory shortage. the last two running simulatneously on my pc over night stopped. I just got a message saying a serious error has occured. When the solver manager is not open these runs are not listed in processes in the taskmanager bit each time I start the solver manager these cfxsolve.exe are listed under processes. Monitoring run in progress by loading the dir folder created path of... the monitor and output files are visble showing the last iteration before solver exited. will be grateful if hany one could help me figure out how to fix the problem. regards, ben.

Robin November 11, 2006 13:12

Re: Help, can't stop solver run...Windows OS
Hi Ben,

'cfx5solve.exe' is the Solver Manager executable, which runs in script and GUI form. The solver process(es) are named solver-pvm.exe or solver-mpi.exe depending on which parallel mode you have chosen (solver-pvm.exe is always used in serial mode). To kill a solver run, open the task manager and kill the solver-pvm (-mpi) processes. If it is a PVM parallel run, killing one will cause the others to shut down. If it is an MPI run, you'll probably have to kill each one individually.

Do not kill the cfx5solve.exe process. This is a wrapper script which sets up the run and cleans up the temporary directory after the run.

Regards, Robin

ben akih November 13, 2006 11:05

Re: Help, can't stop solver run...Windows OS
Hi robin, thanks a lot, for your response Robin. I killed the solver.exe but will be careful not to do that in future. As I understand i will probably just have to delete the dir created for the simulations killed. thanks once more, ben.

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