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Flavio November 23, 2006 17:34

High Aspect Ratio elements
Hi all.

I'm having problems regarding convergence. I think this is due to high aspect ratio elements because this is the only warning message the program returns me.

First. I'm simulating a pump stage, operating several modifies to the structure. The first simulations gave no convergence problems: maximum 15 high aspect ratio elements. The latter simulations shows around 40 High Aspect Ratio elements. I don't understand why, because the meshing parameters are exactly the same, and the High Aspect Ratio elements occurs in points of the pump stage that have not been modified at all. So, i can't get the reason because of this occurs.

Second. I don't know how to manipulate the mesh paramters in order to eliminate (or reduce) the High Aspect Ratio elements. This because they are created on narrow appendix of the fluid volume.

Thanks anyone would like to help.


alex November 24, 2006 10:33

Re: High Aspect Ratio elements
what's your mesher? ICEM CFD ? what kind of mesh (hex or tetra-prism). If u are using ICEM CFD, try yo use quality mesh functionnality to find bad meshes.

good luck

Flavio November 24, 2006 13:01

Re: High Aspect Ratio elements
Cfx-Mesh. Tethraedrons and inflation wedges.


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