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Flavio November 25, 2006 16:49

Cpu Slowening & CFX
Hi all. I encountered a slight problem using cfx. I made totally around 20 simulations, and today for the second time happened a strange thing. After a simulation gone bad, exited by the program itself, maybe because of non-linearity or something else, the pc goes REALLY slow. Looking at task-manager, appears that the "System idle cicle" owns a huge amount of cpu percentual. I exclude this is caused by virus/worms/else because the pc is not connected to internet. The only way i found (and the only a tried, too) to resolve is to format the system. Quite resolutive in facts. I hope someone more expert than me could suggest a trick to resolve the problem.

Thanks anticipately to anyone would like to answer.


Glenn Horrocks November 26, 2006 17:23

Re: Cpu Slowening & CFX

The "System idle process" is the process windows uses on the task manager to allot CPU time which is not being used by anything else. The CPU is just idling, waiting for something to think about.

It is normal and nothing to worry about. Your slowdown problem is caused by something else.

Sometimes when a job crashes it does not clear the job from the CPU cleanly. Before you start a job check you have no left over CFX jobs gobbling up memory. If you want to be really sure reboot the machine and that will clear it.

Glenn Horrocks

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