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Jan November 27, 2006 05:16

waterlevel [m] from VOF
Hi, has anyone tried to export the waterlevel [m] from a transient result file?

the model: I set up a simple rectangular wavetank (L,H,W=115,5,3). It`s a two phase model with water and air. The free surface is calculated using VOF. On one side a piston wavemaker (moving wall) produces waves.

the aim: I would like to export the waterlevel (Z) at a given bottom point (X,Y) for every timestep to get a timedependend waterlevel plot.

A little tip would be great, thanks so far Jan

Patrick November 27, 2006 06:03

Re: waterlevel [m] from VOF
You are looking for a Free Surface Simulaton (Tutorial 7: Flow over a bump). You have to write out the VolumeFraction at every timestep.

Regards Patrick

fakir November 27, 2006 06:35

Re: waterlevel [m] from VOF
The way I do it is to define an isosurface at VOF = 0.5. Then create a poly line along the side you want (I can only get side not point)

I then create an expression, the average height at that polyline, and then plot that against time.

This is the best I have found to track free surface height

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