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Jan November 27, 2006 16:52

CATIA: Exporting mesh to CFX

i need some help with exporting a mesh from catia to cfx-10.0.

In CATIA i can export the mesh to the formats .dat & .modell (CATIA v4 modell). For some reasons i can not import the files in CFX-Pre. I guess that the .dat file should be in patran format (bulkdata).

Is there a chance to simply import the generated mesh file in CFX-Pre?

Regards, Jan

deLuther November 28, 2006 08:15

Re: CATIA: Exporting mesh to CFX
I did it once through nastran (.dat) format, as I remember 2D mesh must have different properties or be generated by pieces in order to transfer 2D-regions into CFX. Maybe I even edited bulk data slightly...

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