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prayskyer November 30, 2006 02:18

how to express this chart?
i am ready to write a chart, which the Y coordinate is line-average heat transfer coefficent along the line in x direction below the pic,but the line moving along the z direction.

and X coordinate is z direction in the picture below.

how can i make it come true in CFX-POST? thanks in advance!!!" /></a>

sudhakar November 30, 2006 04:47

Re: how to express this chart?
hello prayskyer creating charts in CFXPOST is so easy. first create the line(create<location<line) on which u need to see the graph. then create chart (Create<chart) select the chart line tab in the chart menu select your line in the location give your required variables for x and y axis.

many tutorials have chart plotting explained (cavitatin around airfoil, catalytic converter and stator rotor cases). as i said earlier give a go to all examples so that u get fair idea in working with CFX


prayskyer December 4, 2006 21:06

Re: how to express this chart?
i will review the help files.~THANKS really.

i find it's difficult to draw a ployline in cfx-post,~~~~

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