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VSB December 4, 2006 05:23

CFX and cylindrical coordinates

As a simple example I have started with modeling laminar flow through a pipe

I have created a mesh in ICEM CFD in cartesian coordinates(I presume ICEM allows you to create geometries in cartesian coordinates only)

After exporting it to CFX, How should I specify the velocities and other details in cylindrical coordinates?

Also let me know if ICEM permits creation of geometry in cylindrical coordinates.



Joe December 4, 2006 08:33

Re: CFX and cylindrical coordinates
After exporting it to CFX, How should I specify the velocities and other details in cylindrical coordinates?

Create a new cylincrical CS in Pre.

Robin December 4, 2006 13:38

Re: CFX and cylindrical coordinates
CFX actually gives you cylindrical coordinates (r and theta) about the Z axis of any coordinate system. If you pipe is aligned with the Z axis, you'll already have access to these.

If all you want is the ability to specify velocities in cylindrical coordinates, just pick this option in the boundary condition GUI. It will ask you for the primary axis, so you may still need to create a coordinate system if your pipe is not aligned with a global axis, but I suspect it is.

What exactly do you need the cylindrical coordinate system for?

Regards, Robin

VSB December 7, 2006 11:02

Re: CFX and cylindrical coordinates
Hi Robin and Joe,

I would like to know one thing.

If I model a pipe flow problem using cylindrical coordinates and cartesian coordinates, will there be a difference in the solution values obtained in both the techniques?

I have been getting contrasting views from different people.

I need your help.



opaque December 7, 2006 11:16

Re: CFX and cylindrical coordinates
Dear VSB,

ANSYS CFX only works with cartesian coordinates.. You can input data in cylindrical coordinates, and they will be converted to their cartesian components.

Most 3D codes are in cartesian coordinates, and 2D codes offer an option for axisymmetric cases.

What is your main concern? mesh discretization of the curvilinear terms? The physics of the flow does not know anything about the mesh, or reference frame selected..


oewnce932c October 8, 2013 14:43

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Do ANSYS CFX still accept only Cartesian coordinate system?
Trying to add cylindrical system, for some output data..but couldn't find it out;(

mohammad September 4, 2014 21:41

How to define Cylindrical Coordinate in CFX
Dear all,

It might be very simple question and I have sought for the answer in previous posts...but!!!

My question is how to define a Cylindrical coordinate system; either in Pre- or Post-???

Tnx a lot

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