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Saturn December 4, 2006 07:23

CFX for Aero-acoustic modeling

I have one question about the aero-acoustic capability in CFX.

Could I use CFX to simulate the far-field noise in CFX and represent the SPL vs. Frequency Plot in the CFX-post?

Thanks. Saturn

longbow December 4, 2006 08:56

Re: CFX for Aero-acoustic modeling
Yes or no. In order to calculate far-field noise accurately, you need a very fine mesh (to cover whole frequency range and reduce numerical dissipation) from near-field upto far-field. Generally, this requirement results in a mesh which is too big to solve directly in any CFD code unless you have thousands CPUs available. Therefore, a more practical approach is to get aerodynamic information at near-field using CFD code and calcualte noise propagation to far-field using other code, like SYSNOISE. Next release of CFX will have a simple macro to calculate blade tone at far-field. Fluent does have some aero-acoustic modules to estimate broadband noise. By the way, there is no FFT capability in CFX-Post.

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