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Adrijana December 7, 2006 07:39

CEL insertion of points into domain?
I'm trying to enter a cloud of points into the domain. They're geo-referenced with UTM coordinates and appropriate Z values. I'm supposed to extract temperatures from the domain in these points in order to compare simulation results with experimental results.

How do I enter the points? I'm normally a FLUENT user and I'd like to use CEL to program a journal file as I would in FLUENT, and create physical points in the domain. But I can't figure out how to write input of points (I'm inexperienced and the help file is a night mare). In a similar manner, I'd have to insert vertical lines. Please help?

Adrijana December 7, 2006 08:48

Re: CEL insertion of points into domain?
Found it....

POINT : Stipe Option = XYZ Point = 3340.123,2266.884,-1.1 END

The help file is horrible.

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