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Aloise December 7, 2006 14:16

Initialise Profile Data

I want to initialise (read in) profile data in CFX-Pre. But after i have done what cfx-help tells me to do. I get the messsage:

Invalid format in file '*', line 5. After reading name of profile data set, saw [Data] section heading. Expected to read:'Reference CoordFrame]' section heading or [Spatial Fields]' section heading.

I also tried to export that file-type from CFX-Post and reread it in CFX-Pre, but I get the same message.

My input-file starts with:

[Name] sealin

[Data] X [ m ], Y [ m ], Z [ m ], Z [ m ], Y [ m ], X [ m ], Velocity w [ m s^-1 ], Velocity v [ m s^-1 ], Velocity u [ m s^-1 ], Total Temperature [ K ], Total Pressure [ Pa ] -1.12414034e-03, 3.43396038e-01, 1.24699995e-01, 1.24699995e-01, 3.43396038e-01, -1.12414034e-03, 5.30299759e+00, -3.51227522e+00, -4.17663231e+01, 3.06243683e+02, 4.085

What do you do to get this working?

Greetings, Aloise

Joe December 7, 2006 20:44

Re: Initialise Profile Data
Odd, when I export a profile from Post and read it into Pre it works fine.

Aloise December 9, 2006 04:56

Re: Initialise Profile Data
Could you please give me a header of your export-file!

Omer December 9, 2006 11:39

Re: Initialise Profile Data
I faced the same problem. I made a few changes and the profile was initialised successfully. Check the excel file you have for the profile, it might not have the spatial field in it. Now try to look at the example file -InjectMixer_velocity_profile, which is used for the tutorial for Injection mixer. Your boundary profile-excel file should look exactly like it.

Also remember to specify your Spatial field and Data labels of x,y,z in the same way. That is if you have Capital X,Y,Z for the spatial fields, you should have capital X,Y,Z in the Data set.For example see below

[Spatial Fields]


[Data] X [ m ] Y [ m ] Z [ m ] Velocity [ m s^-1 ]

If you get this right, you will have no problem!

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