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Jonas Pedro Caumo December 9, 2006 15:18

Parallel computation
Hi everyone ? Here i my university we are thinking about parallel computing does anybody work with it ? We do simulations of gas and steam turbines. What kind of computer do you recomend ? parallel with 5 workstations ?? And we are starting to work with linux. Thanks.

Joe December 10, 2006 09:54

Re: Parallel computation
Have a look at the benchmarks page for some hints.

Jonas Pedro Caumo December 10, 2006 11:51

Re: Parallel computation

Glenn Horrocks December 10, 2006 17:35

Re: Parallel computation

The size and specification of the cluster you need depends on the simulations you want to run. Some simulations can be done quite well on a single low-end workstation, for some simulations even the world's biggest, fastest computer is inadequate. I suspect your simulation is somewhere in between.

Glenn Horrocks

Joe December 10, 2006 17:47

Re: Parallel computation
A cheap powerfull cluster can be built from Intels Core 2 Quad Q6600 and Q6400 processors (January / February 2007).

Bian December 11, 2006 12:16

Re: Parallel computation
If using Core 2 CPUs, it is not necessary to build a cluster. A workstation with dual CPU slots should be one option. For example, DELL precision 490/690 with two Core 2 Duo or Quad Processors can have 4 to 8 CPU cores and up to 64 GB RAM.

For clusters, individual machines with P4 CPU will be the cheapest and most versatile.


John Smith December 19, 2006 15:51

Re: Parallel computation
LinuxCluster How-to:

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