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Naveen December 10, 2006 15:29

water properties in supercritical region
hi....plz help me how to input supercritical prop of water into CFX.

HekLeR December 14, 2006 01:07

Re: water properties in supercritical region
CFX 10.0. Make an RGP file or use the Redlich Kwong Equation of State

CFX 11.0. Same as CFX 10.0 or use the IAPWS equation of state.

pacmaan April 14, 2009 14:45

iapws - if97
Hi all!
I have a guestion about iapws-if97 in Ansys Cfx. In my library materials, iapws steam have diferent scope (range) than in The International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam releases.
For egzample: Steam 1 in my CFX have 273.15<T<450 K and 620<p<100 kPa while in IAPWS releases Steam 1 have: 273.15<T<623.15 K and ps(T)<p<100MPa.
If You know why, please answer.

Thanks for attention.

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