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Kasper December 13, 2006 11:54

Problems with result files
Hi everybody.

I'm hoping someone can help me with advice on the following problem. I'm modelling vortex generators (vg) in a flat plate boundary layer. The vg's are created using thin surfaces in a domain where I've specified an inlet velocity profile, a wall (with inflated boundary), an outlet an openings on the remaining sides. When solving the problem the solution converged to the specified value and the solution file was written. However I'm unable to open the .res file and Post gives the error message:

ERROR Unable to load this file. The only file types which CFX-Post can currently read are: 1) CFX Results or Definition files 2) CFX Mesh files 3) CFX-4 Dump files 4) CFX-TASCflow files (must have grd/rso, bcf and prm files) 5) CGNS Files (Error reading dataset G/TOPCAT)

I tried to export the file to a different format by CFX won't read it claiming there is an invalid file topology.


opaque December 13, 2006 13:41

Re: Problems with result files
Dear Kasper,

Would you mind cut and paste the CCL section describing your results file definition?

Something that look as:



Option = ????

Include ??? = ??? ...

... END



longbow December 13, 2006 14:34

Re: Problems with result files
How big is your res file? You can't open a file larger than 2GB in CFX-Post on a 32-bit machine.

opaque December 13, 2006 15:05

Re: Problems with result files
Dear longbow,

This is partly true.. ANSYS CFX writes files larger than 2GB on 32bit platforms that has large file support enabled. This is true for all variants of UNIX/LINUX. However, Windows is a different animal.

Summary: ANSYS CFX does not support files >2GB on Windows 32bit..


PS. I guess that Kasper chose a Selected Variables results file, and forgot to toggle the Include Mesh parameter..

Johnny December 13, 2006 19:03

Re: Problems with result files
Your .res file could be corrupt.

Kasper December 14, 2006 03:41

Re: Problems with result files
Opaque was right. I forgot to include the mesh!!!! Feeling pretty stupid right now.

Thanks for the help!


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