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prayskyer December 15, 2006 23:45

why CFX help can't work?
when i turn the help on, it can't work!!!

the box's message like this:

error reture from help viewer,intialiseJAReader:Envionment variable CFX5JAVE not set.

why this happen,could anyone help me~~~

Omer December 16, 2006 09:33

Re: why CFX help can't work?
Try installing the latest JAVA Virtual Machine, seems like your system doesn't have one.

Robin December 16, 2006 11:44

Re: why CFX help can't work?
You can also find PDF's of the documentation in the CFX installation under <CFX ROOT>/help/pdf. As Omar said, however, the problem is probably that you don't have the JAVA machine installed or need an update.


prayskyer December 16, 2006 21:32

Re: why CFX help can't work?
seems i can download that machine from the internt,

thanks a lot:)

prayskyer December 16, 2006 21:50

Re: why CFX help can't work?
can't work, is there other problems could happen?

Omer December 17, 2006 17:15

Re: why CFX help can't work?
Should have worked. Do you have the latest one? Now that you have JVM, and things aren't working anyway. Try to install CFX again! ( Before doing so, check from your task manager, if JAVA.exe is running or not!)

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