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Matteo December 22, 2006 09:36

Info Radiation Monte Carlo Model
Hello, I'm a student of engeneering and I have a problem with Monte Carlo, and I have two domain one is Fluids and the second one is Solids. I have imposed the Boundary Condition of radiation radiation Model (Monte Carlo) but in the solver manager I don't see the residual of Irradiation and the energy equation don't go to convergence, instead of other equation like Momentum and Mass, and turbolent equation. I don't understand because the Solver Manager don't plot the residual of Irradiation even if the boundary conditions Interface has been imposed to opaque with emissivity 0,9 and diffuse 0,2.

Please help me!

opaque December 22, 2006 10:01

Re: Info Radiation Monte Carlo Model
Dear Matteo,

The Monte Carlo model does not solve any equation; therefore, there is no concept of residual as for the other equations you mentioned.

Instead, there is statistical information in the output file: %SD for standard deviation in the volume and at the surfaces. The lower this value is the better your MC solution is. However, once the solution has reasonably converged it will not go down as residuals do. It will remain at "error level" the solution contains.

To reduce it, you must increase the Number of Histories (kind of mesh refining) ..

Good luck, and happy holidays


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