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Paul Atreides December 27, 2006 16:58


This will probably sound like a newbish question, but I've been googling for some time with no apparent solution. My company owns ANSYS Flotran and CFX-Flo licenses (Multiphysics). Questions:

1. Is the CFX software different from my ANSYS license (CFX-Flo) and if it is, is it better/worth buying?

2. What are the differences between CFX-Flo and Flotran? Which is better for what?

Thx in advance.

deLuther December 29, 2006 19:02

Re: ANSYS CFX-Flo CFX Flotran
Form my point of view CFX-Flo means CFX without some additional options. But there is version of CFX without such capabilities (i.e. not "Full Solver Capabilities"). As I think you just need such additional capabilities licenses. Which one? - Contact your software vendor. (Maybe you don`t need such capabilities such combustion or MFR for turbomachinery). Difference between CFX-Flo and Flotran is simple :) First position means CFX.

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