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Martin December 29, 2006 14:34

Problems with residuals
Hello again,

at first I want to thank you for replying my posts. It's a real luck that there are platforms like this where helpful people support beginners like me with software proplems. So here is my question: For my steadystate simulation of an agitator vessel I cannot find a good timescale mode to minimize the residuals. I think that y know the reason for this unsatisfactory residuals: as a result of the turbulence eddies the cfx solver cannot find a steady state operating point in the agitator area. So I think it is necessary to know the frequency of this eddy formation. Is there a possibillity to calculate this frequency with cfx?

Thank you very much for replying Martin

Joe January 2, 2007 12:15

Re: Problems with residuals
Estimate it analytically using the tangential velocity of the blades and a guestimated strouhal number.

Analytical fluid dynamics + CFD = Win

CFD on its own = Colourfull fluid dynamics

Ardisia January 2, 2007 23:10

Re: Problems with residuals
Joe , good job Indeed, the basics of CFD is fluid dynamics.

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