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Rashid January 8, 2007 11:49

Vertical Container
I am trying to understand the heat transfer in a 2-D vertical container with confined boundaries with an aspect raio of 1/4.75 under steady state(Ra=10E+6).The Bottom(Hot) and the Top(Cold) walls are Isothermal while others being addiabatic and symmetry boundaries.But it turned out to be not possible to simulate it under steady state conditions.what could be the possible parameter affecting this behaviour? And if some one could guide me about the literature too concerning this problem.....


opaque January 8, 2007 12:36

Re: Vertical Container
Dear Rashid,

I imagine you are including buoyancy effects; otherwise, the solution should be a linear temperature profile.

For the case of buoyancy, your case belong to a class of problems known in the literature as the Benard, or Benard-Rayleigh problem. There is plenty of literature around since it is a classical problem..

Try google on


Rashid January 8, 2007 19:16

Re: Vertical Container
Hi Opaque, Thanx first for guidance. Surely I forgot to mention the buoyancy effects but I think still there is something I could not explain in my question.Most of the literature is either about the vertical container with side walls(Left&Right)being Isothermal or the container is inclined to some degree.My query is about a vertical container with Bottom(Th) and Top(Tc))walls being Isothermal.

Opaque January 8, 2007 23:07

Re: Vertical Container
Dear Rashid,

I think you did not read my reply at all. I never referred to the differentially heated cavity (vertical isothermal walls), but to the heated from below problem.

Here is one of the links from the google search.

You must search for the heated from below natural convection problem, or better known as the Rayleigh-Benard problem. Failing to do so, you are blinding yourself from one of the most studied stability problems in convection.


PS. Here is the link of one of the books on the subject:

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