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KBanks January 17, 2007 08:22

TurboGrid: High Node Count in Outlet Block
Hello all,

I am using CFX TG-10 to grid a turbine stator blade. Immediately downstream of the blade is a long swan neck annulus which ideally I would also like to grid at the same time with TG using the "Outlet Domain" option. This has worked well for a number of cases.

I am now working on a new geometry which has a particularly long swan neck duct and cannot be adequately resolved using the 100 node limit imposed by TurboGrid for the outlet domain (streamwise). I thought this might be a GUI limit and tried to modify the value using the Command Editor and also by manually editing the state file - both to no avail.

I wondered if anyone knows how I can overcome this problem and if the limit exists in TG-11? Obviously I can just grid the swan neck separately but as I have a large number of cases to run and wish to carry out automatic optimisation, it would be very nice to be able to do it in one shot with TurboGrid.

Thanks for any help,


Johnny January 19, 2007 00:25

Re: TurboGrid: High Node Count in Outlet Block
I don't think there is much you can do. The 100 node limit is there in 11.0 as well. Looks like you'll need to use ICEM.

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