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Santiago Orrego. January 29, 2007 19:32

Symmetry plane error in solver
Hello Guys. Im analysin a 3D wing. In first place, I created the mesh in ICEM CFD with a spacing=1 in the wing zone. Then I run the Pre, then the solver and no problem. It runs ok.

But then I reduced the spacing to =0.1 and Im having problems with the solver. I load the mesh in PRE and all the BC and Pre conditions normal, but when the solver starts it show an error:

| ERROR #002100013 has occurred in subroutine Chk_Splane. | | Message: | | The symmetry boundary condition requires that the boundary patch | | mesh faces form a plane or axis. However, face set 1 in the | | symmetry boundary patch | | | | TAPER WING Default | | | | is not in a strict plane, which means that at least one of its | | faces is not parallel to the others. To make the solver run | | you can do one of the following: | | | | (1) Make sure that this symmetry boundary patch is in a plane or | | axis by checking and regenerating the mesh. | | (2) If the symmetry boundary patch is an axis rather than a | | plane, change the tolerance of the degeneracy check by | | increasing the value of the Solver Expert Parameter | | 'degeneracy check tolerance' (the default value is 1.e-4). | | (3) Increase the value of the Solver Expert Parameter | | 'vector parallel tolerance' (the default value is 1 deg.). | | Note that the accuracy of the symmetry condition may decrease | | as the tolerance is increased. This is because the tolerance | | is the number of degrees that a mesh face normal is allowed | | to deviate from the average normal for the entire face set.

Any idea to solve this?

Thanks a lot Santiago

Johnny January 29, 2007 22:05

Re: Symmetry plane error in solver
Have you tried the three suggestions provided to you by the solver? One of them will likely work.

Paul January 30, 2007 00:34

Re: Symmetry plane error in solver
Hi Santiago,

I encountered this problem once. As Johnny said try with the suggestions in the users manual. for me it worked fine when i defined separate parts for different symmetry faces instead of clubbing all of them under a single part name in ICEM.

Do let us know what resolved your problem



Daniel January 30, 2007 02:29

Re: Symmetry plane error in solver
Dear Santiago!

I also had similar problems. The solution was to check the mesh at the symmetry planes. It is likely that there are nodes which are not exactely located in the symmetry plane. When you find these nodes, they can be projected back into the symmetry plane in icem under the edit mesh tab.

Good Luck Daniel

Santiago Orrego. January 30, 2007 08:06

Re: Symmetry plane error in solver
Johnny, Paul, Daniel, thanks a lot for the answer. I solved the problem.

In ICEM, i made right click under Pre-Mesh (in the tree), and click "NO projection" and it worked OK.

Thanks a lot. Santiago

eric January 30, 2007 23:14

Re: Symmetry plane error in solver
I also trapped by this problem.

Rebulid some faces in ICEM, select tolerance 0.00001, that will be OK.

Santiago Orrego. January 31, 2007 08:09

Re: Symmetry plane error in solver
Ok discover another way, and was changing the SYMMETRY condition to a FREE WALL.

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