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lu February 7, 2007 09:40

Turbolence model for multiphase flows
Hi! I'm simulating a flow air/water with the free surface model (homogenous). I have no convergence problem with Zero Equation model for turbolence but if I use k-epsilon or others I can't achieve residuals under 1e-4. Which is the best turbolence model for multiphase flows? Thanks

Glenn Horrocks February 7, 2007 17:40

Re: Turbolence model for multiphase flows

This is an area of research so there are no simple answers here. However, if your simulation has the air and water staying pretty much separate (that is no foamy mixed areas) then the standard turbulence models should be suitable.

I have had good success with the SST model, even with the transition model with air/water free surface flows.

It is likely the issue is how to converge in general rather than a problem with the turbulence model itself.

Glenn Horrocks

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