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Amod Kumar February 10, 2007 07:03

GUI Setting & Keyboard shortcut in ICEM CFD10
Dear All,

I went through complete tuturial available with ICEM installation. However, I could not find any comment about GUI customization and keyboard short cut.

Is there any way to create a keyboard short cut for Standard operations, save, open, close to being with.


Amod Kumar

manymen July 7, 2014 05:11

You can type? and press Return in ICEM TUI, then you will get this:

----- Currently defined keyboard shortcuts ------
Control-a Merge Surfaces
Control-c Create Curve
Control-d Delete geometry permanently
Control-e Curtain surface
Control-f Move facets to new
Control-g Split Curve
Control-m Copy Geometry
Control-p Project curve to surface
Control-s Extend split
Control-y Redo last undone operation
Control-z Undo last operation
F10 Save project
F11 Emergency reset
F12 Save hardcopy
F4 Emergency reset
F5 Set wireframe offset
F6 Set wireframe offset to 0
F7 Increment wireframe offset
F8 Decrement wireframe offset
Shift-C Create Surface
Shift-E Stitch/Match Edges
Shift-I Isometric view
Shift-P Project Point to surface
Shift-R Reverse view
Shift-X View in X direction
Shift-Y View in Y direction
Shift-Z View in Z direction
Shift-question Print shortcuts
a Concatenate curves
b Build diagnostic topology
d Delete geometry entities
e Extend surface
f Faceted tools
g Concatenate curves
h Home position
j Toggle solid display
m Move Geometry
o Offset Surface
p Project Point to curve
s Split Curve
x Scale to fit
z Zoom in

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