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zurayk February 13, 2007 10:09

CFX post processing

I am trying to compare the velocity profile in different sections in a flow that is coming from a jet and curved towards up due to boyancy. can anyone tell me how to be able to find the velocity profiles in this curved flow at different sections that are perpendicular to the flow direction. Is there a way to define a section line that is alwayas perpendicular to the flow ?

Glenn Horrocks February 13, 2007 16:53

Re: CFX post processing

I would use a streamline to define a series of points along the jet, and then externally calculate a plane by a point and a normal (where the normal can be calculated from two adjacent points).

Glenn Horrocks

Zurayk February 13, 2007 17:04

Re: CFX post processing
Thanx alot Glenn, the idea is doable and seems right, will try it for sure. Best Regards

Zurayk February 15, 2007 09:30

Re: CFX post processing
Hi Glenn. It seemed applicable, but I tried and it didnt work, the planes im getting are way too far from what i want.

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