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Eric February 14, 2007 22:59

about 2D mesh
Dear Friends,

I made the 2D Hexa Mesh in ICEM (Extrude 1 layer).

After exporting *.msh to CFX-pre, I cannot find the Outlet, Inlet,etc. which I pre-defined in ICEM.

Could you give me some advice.

Thank you in advance.


Shastri February 15, 2007 10:47

Re: about 2D mesh
I think you can not read the *.msh file directly into CFX Pre. I guess that would be a Fluent input file. For CFX, you have to go to 'Output'->'Select Solver' in ICEM, choose 'CFX5' or later. It writes a file without an extension (default name is 'cfx5' or something if I remember right).

You can now open CFX Pre and in the 'Mesh Import' dialogue box, choose input format as 'ICEM CFD', give an assembly name and choose appropriate units.

Now you should be able to identify all the volumes and surfaces as they were in ICEM. Hope it helps. Shastri

Eric February 15, 2007 10:53

Re: about 2D mesh
Thank you,Mr. Shastri.

I will try.

I can import 3D ICEM mesh to CFX-pre. But for 2D mesh, in CFX-pre, I cannot see the different parts that I had defined in ICEM.

Mang thanks.

Shastri February 15, 2007 11:02

Re: about 2D mesh
Just make sure that you have named all the surfaces in ICEM and made sure all the surface mesh is projected to correcponding surfaces. On ICEM Hexa, this means you must explicitly project the faces to surfaces. If this is done correctly, you should be able to see the different shell meshes (quad or tri) by selecting the family name in ICEM. If that is done correctly and if you use the export method I mentioned earlier, you should be able to see the names. I used this method to simulate 2D airfols with 1-cell thick mesh. Shastri

myron February 15, 2007 13:07

Re: about 2D mesh
If you actually built the 2d-mesh in Hexa (2D blocks - not 3D) - then you probably gave the part names to the 2D curves. Make sure you project all the bounding edges of the 2D blocks to appropriate curves. This will yield LINE elements in the parts you specifed (once you convert to unstructured mesh). When you do the extrusion, you want to pick all the elements (QUADS and LINES). After you have the one-cell-thick mesh - see if you have quads defining your inlet, outlet, etc. If not - you'll need to select the appopriate elements (quads from the extruded 'sided') and place them into the correct parts.

Jesper February 16, 2007 09:11

Re: about 2D mesh
Firstly as Shaatri mentioned you must be sure you have associated all your edges correctly. then...There are two different ways you can extrude your mesh from 2D to 3D in ICEM, of which one of them can give you the mentioned problem. You should look under the tab "blocking" where you would finde the possibility "create block" - chose this, and you will be able to use: "2D to 3D".

This should solve your problem, unless this is the method already used.

DGaden March 1, 2007 15:24

Re: about 2D mesh
After extruding a 2D mesh I found all my walls and surfaces in the new dimension lost their names, and couldn't be selected in pre. I found that when I loaded an extruded geometry with the walls named, then chose "Associate mesh with geometry" under the "Repair / edit" mesh option in ICEM, the walls came back.

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