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VSB February 18, 2007 09:31

Creating multiple domains

I want to create multiple domains in CFX-Pre

I am using mesh imported from ICEM CFD.

In CFX-Pre, I can see that the entire mesh created in ICEM is transported to a single assembly, making it impossible for me to select different regions for defining different domains. I have tried some options in CFX-Pre like creating a region etc, but of no use. I can still see that I have only one assembly to select while defining the domain.Basically I want to split this assembly as per my wish

Can anyone advise as to how one can achieve this either in ICEM or CFX-Pre

Regards, VSB

Glenn Horrocks February 18, 2007 17:40

Re: Creating multiple domains

In ICEM make body defining the volume mesh for each domain a different part. It will then import into CFX-Pre as different regions which you can define as different domains.

Glenn Horrocks

VSB February 20, 2007 00:22

Re: Creating multiple domains
Thanks Glenn, It did work!! But with this arose a few more doubts

1.The interface between the two domains which is actually not a boundary in reality, appears in the list of 2D regions available for Boundary Condition definition in CFX-Pre. And this boundary appears twice!!! once in one domain and again in the other domain. What Boundary condition should one set to such a boundary?Will some thing like a free wall or a symmetry condition work?

2. Secondly I see that this interface is meshed twice in ICEM, each time for the two blocks (body/volume mesh)that I have defined (to define them as two different domains in CFX-Pre). And on this mesh at the interface you see the nodes corresponding to each block apart which makes it somewhat unacceptable, or is it OK? If not, what can be done to correct this?

Thanks once again,


isabel February 21, 2007 07:21

Re: Creating multiple domains

You must create a 'Domain Interface' and define Interface Side 1 and Interface Side 2. If you do it, these interfaces don't appear in the list of 2D regions available for Boundary Condition definition in CFX-Pre. They are just defined as Domain Interfaces. Your mesh doubs is also solved because CFX modify the meshes to conect them.

Glenn Horrocks February 21, 2007 17:20

Re: Creating multiple domains

As Isabel says, if you wish to connect the two domains you need to use a domain interface. However you can also set the boundary patches as walls (to model a thin wall) or even inlets, outlets, openings etc if required.

Glenn Horrocks

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