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Virag March 4, 2007 14:10

grid prob
hi all im trying to open a .msh file in fluent, the grids are developed using icemcfd, but for what ever grid ratio i provide fluent shows folowing error cell centriod of thread ------has Null face pointer- error: null domain pointer

can any one fig out the problem .

Astrid March 4, 2007 18:34

Re: grid prob
this forum is about cfxxxxxx. Not fluent.

myron March 5, 2007 09:26

Re: grid prob
Is this a planar-2D or 3D grid? If planar-2D - make sure you have LINE/BAR elements around the entire outer boundary. (In Hexa/Blocking - edge-to-curve associations....)

Virag March 5, 2007 10:24

Re: grid prob
its a 3d grid, with hexa mesh n all d assosiations are fine mesh quality is ok!

myron March 5, 2007 19:24

Re: grid prob
Also make sure you go through the Edit Mesh > Check Mesh process. Check the defaults for errors and possible problems.

You're outputting for Fluent V6, I suppose.

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