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isabel March 5, 2007 12:28

Hexahedral mesh with CFX-Mesh
Hi, everybody

I need to mesh a geometry with hexahedral elements. Can I do it in CFX-Mesh? I only can do it with triangles and quads.

Alex March 5, 2007 14:50

Re: Hexahedral mesh with CFX-Mesh
In CFX-Mesh, you can technically create a structured mesh by extruding one face (i.e. surface mesh) out across the entire domain. This means for simple geometries such as a straight pipe, it can be done. For any more complicated geometries you will have trouble extruding the mesh properly and it will either fail or generate a poor mesh. See the documentation for info on extruding, or look into gridgen or another meshing package to generate more complex structured meshes.

deLuther March 5, 2007 16:37

Re: Hexahedral mesh with CFX-Mesh
Why look for gridgen if ANSYS ICEM CFD is superior? And better suited to CFX...

isabel March 6, 2007 06:24

Re: Hexahedral mesh.I don’t know if it is possib
Thanks for your advice

As you have said, I have created a structured mesh by extruding one face (extruding 2D mesh with option n of layers = 1) but the problem is that I have what I want in only one direction. If I try to use inflation and extruding together, I only have a hexahedral mesh near the walls, not in all the geometry. Why? Is there any option to apply inflation to all the geometry?

Regards, Isabel

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