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Harpoon March 9, 2007 13:10

parallel setup
For CFXv10 I previously ran a parallel setup (Distributed memory multicomputer). All computers, master and slaves, were using a Pentium 4 processor. I am looking to upgrade all systems and intend on using the coreDuo or core2Duo. Will the coreDuo still be seen as a single processor in the slave machines? Or do I have the advantage of seeing two processors within one machine. I guess my debate is, instead of using 12 machines with pentium 4, could i now use 6 machines with coreDuo processors to achieve same number of processors working on the solver. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Joe March 9, 2007 18:08

Re: parallel setup
Each processor core is seen as a "processor" from CFXs perspective. Core2Duos are much more powerful than crapburst P4s.

PS: Intel is cutting Core2Duo prices by 40% on April 22.

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