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kantored March 14, 2007 07:23

fsi in ansys 11
hello i got a big problem with multifield in ansys v11, i try to see the stress and the thermal solutions of a boiler , i have mesh the boiler , the water and the gas from the compution, i did exactly what the help says like mesh the model then import it to simulation, put fluid - solid interation etc... after that i open the mesh in cfx and put the boundary contitions on gsa and the water, at the multifield options i did exactly what the help says, but i get an error '' the simulation definition includes an external solver coupling but no data transfers have been defined, please either remove the external solver coupling or ensure that the desire data transfers are included in the definition'' have anyone got an idea what is not correct \???? in the simulation option i have unsuppres only the boiler and the water and gas are suppress , in the cfx i have the water and the gas unsupress and the boiler suppress ,

Stumpy March 14, 2007 16:08

Re: fsi in ansys 11
In CFX-Pre you should have a Wall boundary condition at the interface between the fluid and the solid. You need to specify the data transfer that occurs at this boundary. For example, the CCL for the boundary might look like:


Boundary Type = WALL

Location = WALLS



Option = ANSYS MultiField

Receive from ANSYS = Total Mesh Displacement



Option = No Slip



Option = Smooth Wall




Patrick March 15, 2007 03:48

Re: fsi in ansys 11
If you follow the instruction as in Tutorial 21 everthing should work fine. We have done some Full-FSI simulations with muliphase and it worked.

flutter March 15, 2010 17:59


I was wondering if you generated the input file using Simulation. If you have not generated the input file, then you should do that.

Then, you have to specify the location of the input file in the cfx case.

Hope this helps!


binu April 5, 2010 05:32

HI. I AM ALSO SIMULATING tank water sloshing under seiesmic loading . can you help me please give example tutorial . the example given in ansys 11 in mfx coupling i doesnt got solved

flutter April 6, 2010 16:58

Hello Binu,

I honestly did not use any tutorials. I find that it is best to understand what physical problem you are trying to solve and then play around with your analysis.

Once you understand how to do a simple study, then you can vary the many variables (like timestep, coupling iterations, turbulence model, etc)


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