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Carlos Andrés March 20, 2007 14:39

Negative Volumes in Wigley Hull ICEM CFD
Hi everyone,

Currently I am using using ICEM CFD to mesh a half wigley hull in a rectangular domain with a symmetry wall. I am splitting the block near to the Wigley and doing the association of vertices-points and edges-curves in order to match the blocking with the geometry. I am using several ways to mesh such as o-grid, surface mesh size or applying pre-mesh parameters by edges. But, always when I check quality mesh with determinant 3x3x3 there are negative volumes under the keel or near to the bottom part of the bow or the stern. How can I improve the meshing in order to correct that problem? Is the problem based either on the association step or in the blocking strategy?

Thanks in advance,

Carlos Andrés.

sam March 21, 2007 19:52

Re: Negative Volumes in Wigley Hull ICEM CFD
Dear Carlos Andrés,

I think there is problem in your geometry under the keel try to see the in the software where you modeled the wigley hull you might have some intersections or surface is not well defined so when you import into icemcfd it will degenerate the surface and thats why its giving negative volume error.

regards, sam.

erhan61 March 1, 2010 03:55

ı have similar problem what can ı do?

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