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Juan Catelén March 22, 2007 13:55

Monitor residuals
I have read in the manual that setting to T the expert parameter "monitor residuals" that is inside I/O control you can later, in the post, see the different residual values. But I don´t have this option, why? what can I do to now where do i have a problem in the solution?

explanation on the manual: monitor residuals When set to T, outputs maximum residuals and locations for each coefficient loop in a steady state simulation or for each timestep in a transient simulation).

Joe March 22, 2007 15:34

Re: Monitor residuals
Look under the expert parameters tab in Pre.

Juan Catelén March 22, 2007 16:04

Re: Monitor residuals
But there isn´t a monitor residuals option. Is the same using "monitor scales" or what should I do? Thanks for answering.

Dr Flow Squad March 26, 2007 05:00

Re: Monitor residuals
Within Solver, choose Tools / Edit Definition File / Add Expert Parameter Section. Highlight Expert Parameter Section and then Add Parameter and choose from list.

Juan Catelén March 26, 2007 08:25

Re: Monitor residuals
Thanks. Using this parameter is the same as choosing "monitor residuals" on the output control at pre??

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