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Juan Catelén March 26, 2007 16:16

Insufficient Memory Allocated-error
I'm having this message while I was trying to make a transient simulation: *** INSUFFICIENT MEMORY ALLOCATED *** | Action required : Increase the integer stack memory size. If the situation persists please contact the CFX Customer Helpline giving the following details: Requested space: 1151286 words | Current allocated space: 1653034 words | | Current used space: 1086470 words | | Current free space: 566564 words | | Number of free areas: 1 What can I do? I have a lot of free memory and I hace tried to make the run in another folder and with a new archive but I always had the same problem.

Joe March 26, 2007 17:40

Re: Insufficient Memory Allocated-error
Increase the integer stack size in the solver parameters page of the CFX solver manager

Sameer April 4, 2007 03:57

Re: Insufficient Memory Allocated-error
Hi Juan. I was also facing the same problem. I tried with increasing integer stack size in solver parameters page but still failed. In my problem there are two domains- one rotating and one stationary. I made changes in settings of domain interface-changed rotational offset value and set pitch change to none. If yours is same kind of problem you can try with this.

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