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Per Burström March 27, 2007 04:03

Fire simulation in Steckler room
We are two students from Luleå University of Technology in Sweden that are participating in a project where we are going to carry out simulations of a fire in the attic of an aircraft using ANSYS CFX and ICEM CFD.

In the early stages of the project our intention is to begin with a simple geometry and gradually continue with more complex geometries. Therefore we are looking for fire simulations to verify our results with. The geometry in question is a long half cylinder, but we are interested in results of fire simulations carried out on any simple geometry.

At first we are going to perform a simulation of a fire in a room to compare with experiments preformed by Steckler et al. We have constructed the geometry and are now setting up the simulation in CFX-11 Pre and have encountered some difficulties. We have details about the chemical reaction and radiation but are insecure about how to place out the burner in the geometry. In the Steckler experiment a circular burner have been used with diameter 0,3m, flush with the floor supplying methane through porous plate, to provide a theoretical heat output of 62,9kW. Do anyone have some suggestions about how to set up the burner in the room, and other tips?

Do you have any other references that we could contact, or a who to do list-and what to check list when you do fire simulations?

We thank you for your time. Reine Granström Per Burström

Joe March 27, 2007 08:16

Re: Fire simulation in Steckler room

Glenn Horrocks March 27, 2007 19:01

Re: Fire simulation in Steckler room

You might want to start with the simpler case of replacing the fire with a heat source, and just using air as the working fluid. Then you don't need to worry about the combustion chemistry.

Glenn Horrocks

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