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Bruce April 6, 2007 12:38

boundary conditions for compute resistance of ship
hello everyone!

I'm doing a two-phase flow simulation for calculating the total resistance of a ship.

I made 1 million hexa-mesh in a 1/4 cylinder with one conjuncted interface. I tried to execute the transient computation. I'm using a parallel system to do my work.

I looked at some discussions here, tried many times to find a correct boundary condition, but very difficult. my computation always fails.

My question is how to give the boundary conditions to do the simulation. I want to know the total resistance including the wave resistance.

I gave BC like this: homogenous model; standard free surface; mixture model 1[mm] SST or K-epsilon model; velocity inlet pressure outlet ( rho*g*(h-z)*vfwater ) noslip wall ( 1/2 shipbody ) moving wall ( surrounding 1/4 cylinder walls ) symmetry middle wall

What should I do now? how to solve this kind of problems? thank you for your kindly answer.

song_hahahahaa April 18, 2007 11:30

Re: boundary conditions for compute resistance of
Free-slip, where the shear stress at the wall is zero (τ = 0), and the velocity of the fluid near the Wall is not retarded by wall friction effects. In a multiphase case, if one fluid uses a Free Slip Wall, other fluids can use any Wall influence condition.


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