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Seva Reehal April 13, 2007 06:32

LES & DES turbulence models
Just wondering if anyone knows if the large eddy simulation and detached eddy simulation turbulence models are available on the CFX package and where they can be found. or the best turbulence model to use with regards to analyzing the ahmed body. any advice would be most useful. thank you.

Joe April 13, 2007 13:44

Re: LES & DES turbulence models

Search for these strings in the help file.

Glenn Horrocks April 15, 2007 18:24

Re: LES & DES turbulence models

You also need an advanced turbulence modelling license to access these options. If you have a basic CFX license you will not have these options.

Glenn Horrocks

Stumpy April 17, 2007 12:58

Re: LES & DES turbulence models
LES is in the basic solver now, just DES and SAS need the extra license.

Jamies April 18, 2007 22:38

Re: LES & DES turbulence models
LES and DES are working in Transient simulation only. Once you set the simulation to transient, just click on the ... box in Fluid Models and you will see LES turbulence model.

Hope this hepl.

AdidaKK October 18, 2009 08:44

where can i find tutorials for make a LES simulation with cfx?

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