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DAK565656 April 16, 2007 09:35

Height of boundary layer
Let's sat that we have an airfoil and we want to calculate drag force. And we're going to use turbulent model such as k-omega or SST. As far as I understand, the height of boundary layer on the surface of the airfoil will be different in every point along this surface, especially when angles of attack are high. This difference can be very essential from leading to trailing edge. So, if I want to calculate drag force, I will have to model the growth of boundary layer to the trailing edge. The problem here is that I didn't see tools that will allow me to build such kind of boundary layer. I only can build boundary layers with static height along all the surface of airfoil, and if I want to get positive results, I need to increase this static height along all surface for it could give me the same results such as it was dynamic BL. Am I right?

Glenn Horrocks April 16, 2007 18:24

Re: Height of boundary layer

You can make the prism layers larger along the airfoil. You can split the surface into sections and increase the size in each section.


DAK565656 April 19, 2007 11:30

Re: Height of boundary layer
Could you tell me how can I do it in ICEM CFD 10?

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