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Wooster April 20, 2007 14:33

re: Point to point expressions
I would like to create an expression that calculates a value as the sim goes through and solves the model.

Basically, I'd like for the simulation to compare the temperature at various x,y,z and compare them (difference) to the inlet temperature as the solver solves. My current running expression just has temperature@inlet and temperature@outlet. I'd like it to be temperature@inlet and temperature@x,y,z instead of the outlet. Thus, when the problem converges, and I plot say dT vs Z, I'll get some distribution depending on how much heat was deposited in the fluid. Any ideas? -M

Robin April 20, 2007 16:46

Re: re: Point to point expressions
First create a monitor point at the desired location (say its called "Monitor Point 1"). The value of a variable at this point can then be evaluated using the "probe(T)@Monitor Point 1". To see the difference in temperature, just monitor the appropriate expression:

Tdiff = massFlowAve(T)@inlet - probe(T)@Monitor Point 1

Regards, Robin

Wooster April 23, 2007 12:37

Re: re: Point to point expressions
Thanks, I'll give it a try! -M

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