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Chetan Prahsant April 23, 2007 00:46

Looking for coal combustion people
Hey Friends,

I am involving in Pulverized Coal combustion project, facing difficulties in giving coal conditions in CFX. Here i m looking for people who have done coal combustion work on CFX. please help me.

Chetan Prashant

Dr. Flow Squad April 23, 2007 06:59

Re: Looking for coal combustion people
Hi. I'm Undergoing coal combustion simulations right now, but I'm doing it in Fluent and with some difficulties.
I was wondering if it was better doing it in CFX.
If a group network in coal combustion in CFD where to be created, count me in.
- Dr. Flow Squad

myron April 23, 2007 08:57

Re: Looking for coal combustion people
I'm sure the guys at Combustion Science Engineering ( would be happy to consult with you on this. I think they have access to and use most of the major codes.

Ben April 23, 2007 23:49

Re: Looking for coal combustion people
I am working on modelling of PCI combustion in BF using CFX. I am happy to cooperate with u.

chetan prashant April 26, 2007 05:00

Re: Looking for coal combustion people
hey ben, thanks for come up for helping me. i m working on pulverized coal tangential fired boiler. i have taken k-epsilon model for turbulence, Discrete transfer radiation model, eddy-dissipation model for combustion, single reaction devolatilization, field model for char combustion, particle transport and Nox Model. 500 iterations have been completed in second phase. After studying imbalance data, only O2 mass fraction is having max imbalance (544%). Other quantities are moving towards convergence. In initial iterations, mach no was high (6) and it was reduced after some iteration. Is it normal in combustion problem?

Chetan Prashant

Ben April 26, 2007 19:36

Re: Looking for coal combustion people
Hi Chetan, you model formulation seems fine. Two points: (1) try decreasing timescale (2) try re-confirming your geometry for Mach No problem


Chetan Prahsant April 27, 2007 00:15

Re: Looking for coal combustion people
hi ben, i took timescale one. what should be timescale value in combustion problem and explain second point which you made.

Chetan Prashant

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