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Rob April 24, 2007 09:58

CFX and Fortran Compiler Integration
HI, i have CFX 10 and Intel fortran compiler 9, and i cant work out how to get CFX commands to compile. I am trying to use cfx5mkext and the compiler doesnt recognise it. If anyone has any ideas how to get the two programs working or knows of a different compiler that can carry out this command could you please advise me?. Its windows based software. I have just a few small files to compile, if anyone would be willing to compile them for me that would be great also, the files are small and its only the cfx5mkext that is required. Thanks! Rob

Stumpy April 24, 2007 16:48

Re: CFX and Fortran Compiler Integration
If you use CFX 11.0 then it will work OK with the Intel Compiler. The compiler for CFX 10.0 on Windows was Compaq Visual Fortran, but that's no longer available. I think there's a way to get the Intel compiler to work with CFX 10.0 - CFX support would probably know how to do that.

huangfuxiaotao April 26, 2007 00:46

Re: CFX and Fortran Compiler Integration
i uses cvf to explain this problem. Setting environment variable will be ok.

set path= set include= set lib= set cfxroot="your cfx installed path" set fortranroot="your fortran installed path"

call %fortranroot%\bin\DFVARS.BAT set path=%path%;%cfxroot%\bin;%cfxroot%\bin\winnt;%Sys temRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%\System 32\Wbem; set include=%inlcude%;%cfxroot%\include set lib==%lib%;%cfxroot%\lib

cfx5mkext yourprogram

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