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Santiago Orrego May 3, 2007 12:06

CFX.. win 32 (xp prof) vs. linux (suse10.2)
Hello. Does anybody knows in what operating system, does ansys CFX (and other products: TurboGrid, Workbench...) works faster??

faster means = time solving a CFD problem.

For example, if you run the SAME problem in linux and in windows.... in wich OS (operating system) runs faster ??

Thanks. Santiago.

stu May 3, 2007 18:47

Re: CFX.. win 32 (xp prof) vs. linux (suse10.2)
I am a XP man through and through, but I believe that the solver actually runs faster on linux based systems. There are a few threads on this subject in this forum and the official forum.


Gert-Jan May 4, 2007 17:05

Re: CFX.. win 32 (xp prof) vs. linux (suse10.2)
Based on my experience I would say that there is hardly any difference. Most important is the speed of your processor. A small difference I noticed is that in linux the file handling is faster. E.g. Results files are created faster.


Glenn Horrocks May 6, 2007 19:37

Re: CFX.. win 32 (xp prof) vs. linux (suse10.2)

I agree with Gert-Jan, recent versions of CFX run about the same speed on WinXP and linux, both serial and parallel. I have not seen benchmarks of CFX11 yet but certainly for CFX10 there was no difference.

Glenn Horrocks

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