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dhiraj May 7, 2007 07:33

facing problem in heat transfer coefficient
is there any one who is working on heat exchanger simulation , i am facing problem in giving htc to convective heat transfer on both side of concentrict tube heat exchanger ,my model is double pipe heat exchanger with inner copper tubing inside flow is hot water and outer flow is cold water in counter direction , i hav to give htc i.e hi at innerside and ho at outer side . there is conjugate heat transfer ,is it possible that it is automatically taken by software or i hav to give , please give me solution my mtech dessertation is delayed due to this

opaque May 7, 2007 09:08

Re: facing problem in heat transfer coefficient
Dear dhiraj,

I do not understand your problem.. The purpose of the CFD simulation is to predict the fluid flow, and the heat transfer characteristics of the "device" at hand, ie. pressure drop, heat transfer rates, recirculation areas, etc... If you already know the inner/outer heat transfer coefficients, what are you trying to obtain from your simulation?

You should read the documentation section about boundary conditions for heat transfer, and if the flow is turbulent the near wall treatment section as well.

If this is the reason your dissertation is being delayed, there are quite a few other things you will be needing help with..

Best of luck,


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